In response to Facebook’s policy change August 1st, 2018,  which changed how companies post to Facebook personal pages. Companies can no longer automatically post to Facebook personal pages; the posts must first be approved by the Facebook user. 

We have added new notification functionality for the manual post interface that allows you to easily post to your personal Facebook pages. You will now automatically be notified via email and text message if you have any pending posts that need approval to go out to your personal Facebook pages.

The notification will include a total of how many posts in each category are ready to go out, along with a direct link to your Pending Posts page in your CirclePix account—bypassing the login page so you can easily post your content to Facebook.

You can update your settings to receive only emails or only text messages, or to opt out of the notifications altogether. 

To update your notification settings:

  1. Log into your CirclePix account

  2. Click on the gear icon on the top-right corner of the page 

  3. Click “Edit Notification Prefs” (

  4. Under the Primary Email Address section, uncheck the box under “Facebook”

  5. Do the same for any email addresses in the Edit Email Addresses section

  6. Under the Edit Cell Numbers section, uncheck the boxes under “Facebook” for any cell numbers

  7. If you uncheck all Facebook boxes from all email and cell sections, you won’t receive any notifications at all

You can also unsubscribe from these email notifications using the Unsubscribe link in the email itself. Clicking that link will update your email notification preferences for personal FB post notifications only and will not affect any other email settings with CirclePix.


Facebook Business page posts have remained unchanged and will post automatically as scheduled without the need of post approval.

If you have any questions about the new notifications, please contact Support at .

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