Alerts can be setup automatically or manually in the system.

You can also have your leads that come from specific advertisements to get specific listing alerts automatically. Click here to learn more.

If a new contact registers on your site and browses listings, Kunversion+ will setup an alert for you. 

This happens on the second day that contact is new, if they have looked at at least one property. You can tell when you are looking at leads if they will have an alert setup by seeing a location and price:

You can see from this graphic, that if Annalisa and Shane signed up on the same day, Annalisa would get alerts automatically setup in Kunversion for the area 'Chester' at around $260k. Shane however, would not get an automatic alert setup, because the system does not know what he looked at. This is how you can tell that an alert should be setup by you manually. 

The envelope icon in the graphic for Annalisa indicates that an alert is setup already.


To setup alerts yourself, you can do so by clicking on a Lead, and navigating to their alerts tab:

By Default, you can see that 'Alert 1' is selcted. To the right, you will see all of the criteria that you may choose from. 

Alerts must always have at the very least, a Listing Type, and an Area. The areas appear further down.

Take a moment to note the various available options. Additional options can be added by Support if they have specific values, instead of variables. So, for example, we couldn't setup an option for an HOA fee amount, but we could setup an alert for the Name of a Lake, or the presence of a dock.

When configuring areas, you have two options. You can draw an area on a map, or you can specify areas below. 

  1. Draw On Map - In lieu of choosing an area you can opt to draw an area to search within a polygon on a map. 

First, click the green button to 'Draw Area On Map.'

Then, when the map appears, click on the polygon icon.

Then, start clicking on the map to draw a polygon. Do not click and drag, just click for each boundary/point.

You can have a maximum of two polygons. Use the 'Clear Shapes' button to erase and start over.

Click the 'Apply' button on the top left to set the areas you drew.

2. Choose an area - Choose an area in two steps. First, pick the area type, then specify the area name to the right.

You can see there are Areas and Values are chosen independently. They are not tied or filtered together. So, if you select 'City' for example, and you choose a County, or Neighborhood in the corresponding box on the right, it will not work. You must enter the correct value that corresponds to the Area Type on the left. 

An easy way to check if you get confused is to open your website, which will tell you what area type is what. For example, we can see that 'Warwick' is a city, and 'Warwick Town' is an MLS Area:

Finally, an item of note is the frequency to which alerts may be set:

 Instant : 15 minutes to 1 hour update (depends on the MLS).

Daily : Once per day.

Weekly : Once per week.

Bi-weekly : Twice per week.
First Of The Month : Monthly.

There are two types of emails that will be generated that you should know about. 

Instant alerts are sent typically within a short amount of time that the listing is actually updated. It depends on the MLS. If there are matching listings, they will be sent. The instant alerts are also sent out in plain-text format. They are not fancy HTML to reduce the chance they are blocked by spam.

The other types, from Daily on down, are sent in an HTML format that looks very professional and contains features such as buttons the lead can use to modify their criteria.

Once you have all of your criteria set for Alert 1, you can save it, and review the results.

The thumbs up icon is telling us here that there are healthy results for the criteria we setup. These results are listings which have been listed or recently reduced in price within the last week. If you have an active market for the criteria, you can be assured that the lead will be prompted to return to the site as often as possible, and you have a greater chance of converting them into a client.

How to manually send all search results to your contact 

Sometimes you might want to send all the listings that match the Listing Alerts Search. This can be helpful in a number of situations, such as if your lead asks you to re-send the email, for example. We've made it very easy for you to do this.

There are three ways:

  • Send a pre-built email that has a link in it.

  • Send a pre-built text that has a link in it.

  • Copy the link yourself and do what you want with it.

Click on Alert Results after you have configured (or if there is a configured) alert.


Look for these buttons.

Each one will do what it says, such as open an email, or text to send. If you click copy link, it will copy that unique link that pertains to the lead you're viewing the alerts for.

Do not open this link, as it will log you in as your lead!

Remember, any time you send an email from Gmail, to the lead directly, it logs that email in Kunversion. So, you could click copy link, then go back to the Lead Overview, and click to email. And then, paste your link in.

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