Inbound Text Leads are a list of cell phone numbers that have been captured by your smart number.

You can access the list in the left hand navigation of your agent dashboard:


How do you capture cell phone numbers? With text codes! 

What is a text code? Click Here  to find out.

You can also  Click Here to find out how to build your own custom text codes.

And, you can Click Here to read about how the smart number functions in more detail.

This list will show you three important things: 

1. What kind of request generated the number.

This is the 'Type' column. 'App Request' means that number texted your subdomain (the most basic form of capture), and 'MLS Request on' means that number texted a custom code you created.

2. What exactly was texted in, and the ability for you to add your own notes.

In the 'Notes' column, you can review what they sent. You can edit it at any time. The initial note will closely resemble the text you would have gotten from the smart number:


3. A button to convert your text lead into a phone lead (a number with a name that is searchable.)

Located in the 'Make Lead' column, the button copies the number over to the add lead page, where you can fill in their name to add them as a new phone lead.

Converted leads appear in the 'Phone Leads' section with the phone number set as the lead's name. You can manage these leads as you would normal ones, complete with reminders and notes, and other lead management functions.

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