Listing Alerts are automatic property update emails sent every day unless changed for a particular lead.

Kunversion+ automatically attempts to setup Listing Alerts 2 days after a lead has signed up on a website. The system looks at what properties a lead reviewed up until that point and then sets up a basic set of criteria based on that information.

On your settings page, you can scroll down to 'Auto Assigned Listing Alerts For Leads' to associate a hashtag with a set of listing alert criteria. What this will do for you is provide a solution where, if a lead signs up, but they did not look at any listings on your KV+ site, then they can still get listing alerts setup for them. The best way to use this is with facebook advertising. Associate your facebook ppc hashtag with criteria that resembles the kind of ads you are targeting, so that you don't have to manually setup alerts for your ppc facebook leads. Generally speaking, this is only necessary if you use the Facebook-Zapier connection, or if you purchase Facebook Ala Carte Advertising from Kunversion+.  

(When using the FB Zapier connection, leads browse listings within facebook, not on your KV+ site. So when their info is inserted into your dashboard, they will have no listing views, and the system wouldn't be able to auto-configure listing alerts at the 48 hour mark like we mentioned at the beginning of this article.)

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These emails only include new listings and listings reduced in price that are published to your site from the MLS. We check for new & reduced listings every hour. 

These are meant for leads who have already looked at what interests them on your site and would like to stay updated with any new listings or price reductions that match their preferences.

If there's absolutely nothing new, the system will send them listings that have been updated/added within the past week. The listing alerts also show upcoming open houses.

When looking at a list of leads, you can see who has alerts and who doesn't by the appropriate column in any list of leads:

(Brenda, in the screeenshot below has no envelope icon. Therefore, we know she does not have alerts setup.)

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