Kunversion+'s automated emails are separated into 3 types. It is important to know the difference, so you know what kind of emails you can spend time writing versus what is already being done for you.

Please keep in mind - if you find that leads are not replying, but they are staying subscribed to your emails, this is a good thing. They are interested, but not yet ready to talk. The right message at the right time will trigger a reply.

System Emails

These are behavioral messages. They are sent depending on the situation. For example, if a lead saves a listing, Kunversion+ automatically sends a message for you regarding that activity.

To see the different kinds of system emails, you can visit this page . Above each example, there is a short description of when and why the email is sent.

Listing Alerts

These emails are sent at various intervals, which you can change. They will send only new listings as well as listings which were reduced in price. These are the only emails that will continually cause leads to return to your site and in turn will help trigger the system emails. Always make sure your new leads are setup on Listing Alerts. To setup a search for your lead, click on their name, and then click on the 'Alerts' tab.


Drip Campaigns

These emails are sent at pre-defined intervals. They are critical to the long term health of your leads. This is especially true of leads who do not visit the site often. You still need something besides alerts to check in on them, and it's a simple enough task that it should be automated. If you find yourself sending the same emails all the time, you should build a custom drip campaign to include them.

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