This feature will allow you to generate custom codes which people can text, and receive a response from your Kunversion Smart number in return. You can create re-usable signs (e.g. Text house1 for more info on this property!) for different listings, and things of that nature. You can utilize them on everything from business cards to flyers. Any physical medium for advertising can drive new leads to your K+ website.

How To Create A Custom Code

Navigate to 'Lead Generation' on the left hand navigation of your agent dashboard.

Click on 'Custom Text Codes'

Click on the red 'Add New' button.

You have two fields to fill in:

1. Enter your Custom Code that you want people to text

Minimum four characters, no spaces. Use numbers only sparingly, otherwise your code could get confused for a listing address and not function.

2. Enter one of the following items you want delivered to the lead when they send the custom code message to your Kunversion Smart Number.

Message - Enter a text message you want to deliver to the person who texted in.

URL - Enter a website URL you want to deliver to the person who texted in.

MLS# - Enter the MLS ID of the listing you want to associate with this custom code. When the code is texted in, the system delivers the listing information, including a link, to the person who texted in.

Once the code is added you'll be able to see how many people texted that code, and if you need to edit it in the future you will find the edit button on the right hand side.

Once you create a code, Kunversion+ knows that you created it. So, when someone sends a text that is that code to your team's smart number, the text lead always goes to you.

The Smart Number is associated with the brokerage. Every agent within that Brokerage has the same smart number, so it is very important to create your own custom text code to ensure your marketing efforts point back to your subdomain. Your smart number is located on the bottom left of your dashboard, or if you visit your settings page.

The default text code is the name of the agent associated with the platform. For example at the bottom left of the dashboard you will see "Have leads text [agents subdomain] to 555-555-1212." When a lead texts the agents subdomain to the brokerage smart number, Kunversion will automatically send a link to Millions Mapped to the lead.

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