If you’ve been building a database for your real estate practice, chances are you might be losing money because you’re not sending enough follow up emails.

Or, even worse.. you could be sending the wrong stuff.

General emails about buying or selling a house... Or home decorating ideas. Or happy holiday cards… All this stuff might help a little.

But more often than not this kind of content is just going to SCREAM  “salesperson” to your prospect. And your emails will just end up filtered into trash or spam.

Instead, what you might want to send is actual information about real estate.

Stuff like: Interesting “niche focused property search lists.” Individual property “dangles.”  Video tours. Open house announcements...

The kind of stuff that people will actually engage with… The kind of stuff they might forward to a friend who might be thinking about buying a house.  The kind of stuff that will get you into commission generating conversations about real estate!

As you go through these examples, remember a few key points:

  1. The goal is to create conversations about real estate. (Because conversations lead to closed transactions)

  2. It’s about them, not you. (Nobody cares about how long you’ve been in the business or about your designations. Instead, they care about what you can do for them. A good way to do this is by  sending “entertaining” property info.)

  3. It’s ok to “touch with email” often, if you’re sending cool stuff. (Unsubscribes will happen, don’t let that scare you. If you’re not getting unsubscribes you’re not emailing enough and you’re losing money!)

The Emails below are broken down into 4 sections.

  1. Conversation Starters

  2. Niche Focused Property Searches

  3. Individual “Property Dangles”

  4. “Action Triggered”

Conversation Starter Emails

These short emails are intentionally short, with a strong “expectation of response” so people feel compelled to reply to you. We use a few of these as part of the k+TEAMkun Platform’s “Default Drip” Sequence.

Subject: “Actively Looking? Or Just Browsing?”


Thanks for visiting our site a few minutes ago.

Just curious, are you looking to buy pretty soon, or just browsing?

-Your First Name Only




Subject: Home To Live In, Or Investor?


Thanks for accessing the (XYZ) Property List the other day.

Just curious, are you an investor, or are you looking for a property to live in?

-Ryan (Your First Name Only)



Subject: Re: Your 123 Main Street Property Value Request


Thanks for requesting info about the value of your property at 123 Main Street.

On a scale from 1-10, what condition would you say the property is in?

-(Your First Name)


Subject: Need A Mortgage?


Just wondering if you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage yet?

If not, my friend MORTGAGEREPNAME, over at MORTGAGEREPCOMPANY would probably be happy to talk with you for a few minutes.

He/she is very good at helping people get the best mortgage terms possible, and they’re very “low key” not pushy at all…

Should I have him/her give you a call?

-(Your First Name)


Subject: Take You Off The List?


It’s been a little while now since you opted in to receive information from us.

In order to make sure we’re not sending stuff people aren’t interested in, we regularly remove subscribers from our list.  

Are you still interested in receiving real estate info from us, or should we go ahead and remove you?


-(Your First Name)


Subject: Thinking about selling your house?

Thanks for visiting our site. Are you considering selling your home? If you want,  we’d be happy to prepare you an in-depth market analysis so you can see what a buyer might pay in today’s market..

Let me know if interested?



“Niche Focused Property Search” Emails

This technique is very powerful.  (And super easy to execute.)

Basically all you need to do is go into your mls and run some interesting queries based on the different property search fields available to you on your idx site, Then send the link out to your database.

Then here’s what happens.

  1. People think the info is interesting because it’s always local and relevant

  2. People asking you questions about specific properties on your lists (WIN!)

  3. They start forwarding your emails to friends and family who might be in the market to buy. (another WIN!)

  4. They’re subconsciously reminded that you’re in real estate, without you having to explicitely “bug” them for business…. So the next time they’re at a cocktail party and real estate comes up they can say to a friend -- “Oh yeah, there’s this guy that’s always sending me these fun property lists...He’s in my email, let me get my phone and forward one of the emails to you so you can call him.”


Subject: Luxury Penthouses In Center City Philly


Here’s a fun list of properties for you today.

High End Penthouses In Center City Philly, with great views.

[LINK To Properties]

Enjoy browsing these, and if you know anyone who might want to buy one, let me know :)

-First Name


Subject: KC Fixers


Here’s today’s “Property Search Of The Day” -- A current look at some “Fixer Uppers” for sale in the Kansas City Metro Area.


If you have any questions about any of these feel free to reply.

Happy to help,

-First Name


Subject: Seattle New Construction


Here’s a current list of all the “New Construction” real estate currently available in Seattle.

[Click Here To Check Out The Link.]

Builders often offer special incentives and rebates on their projects -- if you want to learn a little more about how to find and take advantage of these deals, feel free to hit reply anytime...

-First Name


Subject: Drastic Price Reductions

Keeping an eye on properties with significant price reductions could be a great way to find a nice real estate deal.

Something that wasn’t a priced right yesterday, could suddenly become an “awesome buy” due to a price reduction.

[Click Here To Check Out The Link To Some Properties That Have Been Drastically Reduced In The Past 48 Hours.]

-First Name


Subject: York Suburban Schools, Under 150k


Real Estate in the York Suburban School district continues to be really popular, and it’s hard to find anything listed for under 150k.

But there are a few currently on the market.

[Click here to check out the list now.]

-First Name


Property “Dangle”  Emails

One of the best replies you can possibly get from an email is “Hey, I’d like to schedule a time to see that property you just sent me.”

And the best way to get these replies is to “dangle” specific properties for people to request showings on.

But how often do you actually do this? Not much right? Maybe when you have a new listing, maybe.  Get into this habit and your GCI will soar!


Subject: Most Expensive House In Springfield

Hi, just for fun, I thought I might send you the highest priced listing currently in Springfield right now.

[Click here to check it out.]

If you know someone who might want to buy it, let me know :)



Subject: Seller VERY Motivated


This property’s in a pretty interesting location… and the seller is pretty motivated to make a deal.

[Click here to check it out.]

If you know someone who might want to buy it, let me know :)



Subject: Open House Tomorrow


There’s an open house at 123 Main Street this Sunday.

The property is “priced to sell” and will probably sell pretty quick after this open house. If you know anyone who might want to get inside before the open house feel free to let me know.

[Click here to check pictures and other details.]



Subject: Check Out This Kitchen!


This new listing near XYZ park has an awesome kitchen.

[Click here to check it out.]

If you know someone who might want to buy it, let me know :)



Action-Triggered Emails

One of the most powerful features of the k+TEAM system are our “Action Based” emails that go out when your leads perform specific actions.

These emails catch people at exactly the right time, and they help make them feel like you’re actually serving them (even though it’s all completely automated)

The following emails trigger a response at a VERY HIGH RATE.  


Subject: #ADDRESS No longer on the market

As promised I'm letting you know your saved listing MLS #mlsid has left the market. Do you want  me to search for similar propeties and text you what I find?


SENT AUTOMATICALLY When Somebody doesn’t log back in for a while.

Subject: Ready To See Some Properties?

Hi, just checking to see if you might be ready to tour some properties? Or if you need more time, just let me know… Thanks, #agentname


SENT AUTOMATICALLY When Somebody comes back after a little while away.

Subject: Hi, Saw you were back searching


It was nice to see you back searching on SITEURL. Is there anything I can do to help with your search right now?



SENT When A Property Is Saved.

Subject: Specific Questions About #LISTINGADDRESS

I saw you saved the property on #listingaddress.  Are there any specific questions you have about this property?



SENT When A Property Is Viewed 5 Times


Hi I noticed you looked at  #listingaddress a few times Would you like to set up an appointment to see it in person?



BONUS: Stealth “Recruiting” Email

We recently added the following email late (after 100 days or so) to the k+TEAM “Default” Campaign. It goes out to all buyer leads.

It might seem a little counterintuitive to ask a real estate lead if they want to become a real estate agent, but the results on this have been pretty darn amazing.

Not only are k+TEAM users getting real recruiting leads, this email is generating LOTS of conversations about Real Estate in general.. Which at the end of the day is the name of the game, right?

Subject: We’re Hiring (Do You Know Anybody)

Just curious, do you know anybody who might want to be get started as a real estate agent...Or maybe somebody who already has a license but is thinking of changing companies?

Can you let me know if you know anyone?




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