If you want to send someone a quick, basic search you can do so from within the Agent Dashboard.

This is useful where you are trying to engage someone via email, and you want to include something mildly relevant for them to click on, which is always a good idea.

Step 1: Open a lead

by clicking on their name from a list, or performing a search and then clicking on their name. 

Then, click on their email address. This will open up a new GMail Tab with an email ready to go.


Step 2: Click "Search Website"

In the left hand navigation, under 'Listings'


Step 3: Fill in the criteria

This opens another new tab with just search criteria. We're going to get our search link from this to paste into that email. Fill out the criteria and click the 'Found' button, which will tell you the number of listing results that match.


Of course, there are two options here. Clicking 'Found' opens our K+ website where we can copy the link of search results. 

If you click on the email button you will need to copy and paste the email address of the lead you want to send to:

Alternatively, depending on what you are actually doing it may be faster for you to just click email. The main difference you are going to see with either method is, by clicking on the email button, because it pre-populates the email message with content you will need to re-insert your email signature before sending. There is a separate help article on signatures and canned responses you may access here .


After clicking found your search results are displayed in a new tab. Copy the URL.


Return to your previously opened GMail that's waiting. Type in your message to your contact, and insert words that you would like to link. Something like 'Click Here' is pretty common. After typing the words or phrase that you want to link,  click on the insert link button at the bottom of the window.

This converts whatever you highlighted into an HTML link. Click on "Change."

Step 7: Flavor your text

Change the "Text To Display" to something that is appropriate for the email you're writing, and click OK. That's it! Double check the email in the to: field and send it off!

Here you can see the text was changed to "Click Here" which looks much nicer than the goo.gl text.

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