A lot of clients will inquire about listings you have sent in the past. Kunversion+ has a well organized link builder that will create links for you, that contain each clients listing alert results.  So, if someone asks you to re-send some of the properties you "sent" them in the past, that is very easy for you to do!  Please note, we can only send what's still available. If a property goes off the market, it cannot be included.

Step 1: Find your lead, and open the Alerts Tab:

Step 2: Click on Alert Results:

Both of these buttons will generate the SAME link. You just have two options.

Email Link to Full Listing List to Lead : This opens a GMail window, with the link built into the body of the email. You will have to insert your signature manually.

We recommend creating a canned response so that you can insert your signature whenever you need to.

Copy Link to clipboard : This opens a small dialog box/popup that will allow you to copy your link to use how you would like to (if not in an email).


If you send this link, by either method (the links are the same) the person who opens it will be automatically logged in as that lead! So don't open it on your computer! Look at the results list down below these buttons to see all the recent properties from the past 7 days.

Tip for Facebook Advertising users! You notice how a lot of leads don't have listing history? Setup an alert for them, and send them this link! When they open it they will be auto logged in and not asked to register again.

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