Whenever a new lead signs up on your website, there is a 48 hour period where Kunversion+ monitors their activity. It will then setup Listing Alerts automatically for that lead based on that activity. (no matter what, but only during the first 48 hours. Even if you setup hashtag auto-alerts, the system will always re-configure alerts once after the first 48 hours.)

However, not always are your leads going to have visited your site to register! 

You may be running an advertising campaign outside of Kunversion+ entirely, and capturing those leads elsewhere, such as when you use Facebook Lead Forms.

In those cases, the leads are captured first, then sent to your site afterwards. They don't always click on listings afterwards.

That's where Auto-Assigned Alerts come into play. Since your advertising should utilize hashtags, you can set a default search for a particular hashtag.

In your ads you can say things like, "get updates on these kinds of properties automatically!" or any similar claims. 

This will setup a basic search for those hashtagged sources automatically, so that they will get an email that leads them back to your Kunversion site where they will generate activity for the system to work off of.

Kunversion uses the leads activity for many automatic emails, as well as search functions that you use to do things like mass text. So, we need to get them to the site and looking at properties as soon as possible!


1. Go to your Kunversion+  settings page  and scroll down to the  Auto Assigned Listing Alerts For Leadssection.

2. You will see the various boxes for setting the hashtag as well as the basic criteria. Make your selections

3. Click the green 'Add' button when finished.

4. Your new alert shows on top of the 'add new' row.

5. You may manage your created alerts on the right 

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