On your Kunversion+ website, when a contact is browsing properties, they can mouse over a listing photo and click 'Save.'

This adds the property to a list that they can access any time they are logged in:

Once a property is in their saved list, they can leave notes on those properties. And, you can view those notes whenever you review their profile on your Agent Dashboard.


(they just enter the notes and click update.) 

Please note, this 'saved properties' list is NOT the same as the saved properties list that's used to send listings.

This saved properties list is specific to a lead.

The saved properties list used for sending listings is saved to your agent dashboard. It is not accessible outside of your agent dashboard.

You can manually add properties to this list for your contact, and send them an email or text at the same time. 

This is essentially another call to action that you can use to try to engage contacts with. By letting them know that you saved a property for them, you can get them to re-visit the site.

Remember, the point is to continually engage them for as long as it takes for them to be ready to buy.

To add manually:

Navigate to their overview page by clicking on their name, and find the 'Saved Properties' tab down below near the bottom of their details page:

You'll see after adding the MLS number, and the comment you want them to see there are three options. 

  • Add to Saved - Simply adds the listing to their saved list without notifying them right away.

  • Add & Text Message Comment - Texts the lead a link with the comment you entered.

  • Add & Email Comment - Emails the lead a link with the comment you entered.

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