This is the most basic method you have for obtaining text message leads. It works as soon as you have a Kunversion+ account, you can start using it the moment your website is live. 

These leads are found in the 'text leads' section of your dashboard. All you capture is a phone number. It's up to you to follow up with them. A great thing to ask these numbers is how they are liking the app or if they have any real estate questions to try to get a conversation started.


Best Practices:

There are two things you should do.

1. Rate Millions Mapped in the app store. Leave it a good review. The more positive reviews our app has, the more free leads we can generate for everyone.

2. You can use Millions Mapped to capture leads in print marketing. Signs, sign-riders, business cards, etc. We simply use your "default" text code! The code is unique to you, and all leads that text that code are assigned to you when they download MM.

Basically, you want to use the phrase you see at the bottom of your dashboard:

See in this example where it says: 

"Have leads text 'red' to 845-875-4837."

At the bottom of your dashboard it will be different. It will show your smart number and your code. Instead of 'red' it may say your name, or whatever your Broker setup for you. It can be changed by your Broker.

So, if we wanted to use this to get leads, we simply need to put this on a sign...

Or a business card...

That's it! You have an instant way to capture cell phones that send texts to download your mobile app. 

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