kvCORE Mobile App

The mobile app is designed for Agents on the go. With it, you can manage and handle your daily goings-on in kvCORE without needing to log into your computer. All of the tasks and calls that you have scheduled, as well as some other essential tasks like mass texting or emailing, are available from the mobile app! The app will also notify you of important events including new leads that you can accept from your office/team/company rotation!

Open House App

If you plan on hosting any Open Houses, you can automatically feed all of the attendees from an electronic sign-in sheet right into your kvCORE dashboard using the kvCORE Open House App.

K+ Team App

Use this app for accessing your dashboard on the go. This app also includes other features for dialing your contacts from lists and daily calls. Additionally, it includes the geolocate functionality as well as the Open House lead capture tool.

Klient (Transaction Management App)

Contacts that you mark as a Client will be available to add to the Klient app, where you can add them to transactions of your own design.

Millions Mapped

This is a consumer-facing app that allows leads to search for properties on their mobile device. 

Please note: This app should not be downloaded directly. Do not send this link to your leads! Use the special link in your dashboard.

 Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!


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