An extension is a small add-on program in Chrome that can provide you with very useful tools.

Kunversion+ provides an extension for Chrome that has two primary purposes:

  • Ability to post listings to Craigslist quickly

  • Ability to search your Kunversion+ database via the Chrome address bar for anything you need to find quickly (Leads, listings, etc.)

Setup Instructions

1. Open Google Chrome and go to the Chrome Extension on  this page .

2. Click 'Add to Chrome'.


3. On the pop up, click 'Add Extension'.


4. Click on the Blue Kunversion+ Icon at the top right, and log into your Kunversion+ account. Use the same login info as you would to access your Agent Dashboard.

5. You can now post to Craigslist from your Kunversion+ Dashboard. There are other things you can do with the extension such as search for leads and properties using the main Chrome address bar. 

For example, in the Chrome address bar type in the letters kv, and then press space on your keyboard. Then type in a leads name or a property address you know of. You will see that you can search Chrome for any information you need from Kunversion+ - without having to log into your dashboard!

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