The corrective statement call breaks down into a few segments:


Hi [leads name]....I saw that you were looking at homes on my [insert website URL here] site and I wanted to introduce my self, nice to meet you!"

  • Make sure to say "Nice to meet you."

  • Every agent that meets someone in person will always say nice to meet you. This is the proper thing to do and it is also over the phone. It takes their guard down and allows for the next step. They will most always say "nice to meet you back."

Statement of Service:

"I was in the process of setting up your listing alerts and searching for some good properties to send you...."

  • The Key Point with this statement is that you are doing something for them.

  • You need to tell them that you are doing something for them that provides VALUE TO THEM!!!!

  • Your Job is to "PROCURE" the property and it is the basic function of an agents job to contractually allow them to earn a commission.

  • Telling them that you are doing this mentally obligates that person to potentially hire you.

The Setup:

"...I had a quick question and then I will let you go" (the second part of the statement of service)

  • This part is critical because mentally the person wants to get off the phone with you, so buy telling them that you had a quick question and then you will let them go obligates them to stay on the phone an answer your question.

  • This is critical because that is what you want to happen so you set them up to give you what you want. It is a mental trick but works every time!

Corrective statement:

"You're a renter..... right?" [wait for answer...]

  • The key point is that this is the trick that will always get the answer you need and it doesn't matter what you say. "you're a renter", "'re a homeowner?"

  • Either way, this is something you should master and practice. Anything you ask can be asked this way and it will really help your appointment setting.

  • For example: "I assume you are already pre-qualified and have spoken to a lender ..Correct?"

So, an example of this whole script would be something like this so far:

"Hi Julie, This is Brian and I noticed you were on my website today and I just wanted to make sure I introduced myself, NICE TO MEET YOU" (pause for answer) "I was in the process of looking up and putting together different properties to send you based on what you are looking and I had a quick question and then I will let you go. You're a homeowner, Correct?" (pause for answer) 

Consultation Close:

If they ARE a renter 

"Great! I do a special consultation for renters where I show them what the buyer power is vs their renting power is. I assume that you like all renters want to buy a house someday, correct? It just takes 5 mins and I can throw something together for you. I assume your rent is 1800 per month correct?"

If they are a Homeowner/Buyer 

"Great! I do a special consultation for homeowners where I show homeowners what the listing power is vs their buying power today. It just takes 5 min to ask you a couple questions and I can throw something together for you."

In both cases, you've just secured an appointment/meeting! 

Just remember that every lead you will ever get is either a homeowner or renter and someday will list or buy a home: How you handle that first call will have the biggest impact on YOU getting them to buy or list with you someday. Make that first call a consultation every time and you will get more sales:

You can not do an effective consultation without first finding out if they are renting or a homeowner first!

Leveraging Listings and other approaches

Whether you call or email a lead, or even text message them this script can be used. 

Generally, it incorporates the following three components:

  • Valuable information. This is information that’s quality, yet simple, that they would not normally see or notice as significant.

  • Instilling a sense of obligation to you, because you’re telling them that you’re GOING to do something for them. (Very important to say “going.”)

  • Obtaining a confirmation of your services, by prompting them to tell you exactly when they want to receive your information.

The most common implementation of this is reaching out to a new lead. First, review their listing history. We’re going to follow that first rule, only contact your leads about a specific property. This would be a property that they looked at more than once, so go through their listing history to find one.

Part a: I saw that you were looking at the property at [street address], and I just wanted to let you know that the total HOA fees for that neighborhood are upwards of $5,000 per year.

  • Here is our valuable information, that hooks their interest right away. You can find different information for many different kinds of properties.

Part b: I'm going to do some research for you and find two other properties in the same area that might be better options.

  • The second part, contains that statement that you're GOING to do something for them, creating a sense of obligation. 

Part c: "Would you like me to send that information to you by Friday?"

*And, we cap it off by seeking a confirmation to proceed with what you're going (out of your way) to do for them.

Whatever information, or what you're going to do can be modified situationally to suit any situation. Following this idea format is going to generate more conversations and appointments than ever before!

Other Examples 

"You know, I find a lot of people tell me they're just browsing, and their dream home comes along and they're not

prepared to take advantage of an opportunity that otherwise would not have existed if they were. I'm going to send

you my top ten preparation checklist and help you get started on it, but I'll need some time to get it ready. Would you

like me to have it to you by this evening?"

Maybe, you've acquired a high-dollar lead that's looking at $1M+ homes? 

"I noticed you reviewing the property on {street}. I am going to be taking some better photos/video for my private buyers, would you like to receive them by Wednesday as well?"

Even if they decline, they'll remember your offer if they do see one they're particularly interested in, and will be more likely to contact you proactively!

For a printable version of this script click on the attachment below. 

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