Squeeze Pages vs. Landing Pages...or...both?

Squeeze Pages are your call to action.

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Landing Pages are what you use to sell yourself, or your Agency.

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When designing Advertising, there are some absolute essentials you should be aware of. This is how you can tell if your ad is on the right track!

Ask yourself:

  • Does the ad make sense? (Note, this is not the same as asking: "Would anyone click on it?")

  • When I click on the link from the ad, am I given the information that was EXACTLY described in the ad copy?

The better the relation of the information delivered to the information in the copy, the higher your conversion rate. You are giving people exactly what they think they are getting which makes you inherently more trustworthy.

This is very clearly illustrated when it comes to seller ads. There are a few primary approaches here.

  • Offering help/advice for successful Listings

  • Offering listing services

  • Offering a buy-out guarantee

For some contrast on this issue, in a Buyer ad we might have something simple that links to a standard Buyer Squeeze Link:

Price Reductions!

Homes recently slashed in price in Costa Mesa


Now, if you linked this ad to a squeeze page that showed all the reduced listings in Costa Mesa, job done. Very straightforward.

Let's look at a basic seller ad that links to a standard seller squeeze link:

Selling your home?

Find out the value of your home here!


This might encounter mild success. But...there's no substance. There's a lot more at risk when putting money down for Seller advertising.  First of all, there's zero indication you are offering a service. Secondly, there's no reason why they should put their address into the page.

This is where Landing Pages come into play. You can sell your service before they click through to the home valuation page. You should setup your Landing Pages to explain: 

We are in the top 5 Homes Sellers in Costa Mesa

Ranked #1 by someone in 2015! Here's How:

  • Professional Staging

  • Regular Progress Updates

  • Guaranteed to Sell in 1 Month

  • Some other reason here

The first step is to find out where you land in the ballpark. There is zero obligation. Tell us if you think your Home is worth More or Less than what our website tells you. Click Here

Now, the click here link would then link to the Seller landing page. You could run a similar strategy by offering to deliver tips or advice on things like home staging. you get the idea. You want to make sure that what you say, relates to what they click.

Get a friend to look at your ad and link (preferably someone who doesn't have anything to do with Real Estate or business) and ask them if it makes sense. Not if they would click on it.

Don't forget photos!

Photos are extremely important in Facebook ads. They can make or break them in a huge way. When you are using photos, especially in Landing Pages, make sure it's attractive or funny. If you post a home that represents an area, it has to be the nicest one.

Generally speaking, good ideas include photos which are:

  • Funny &/or relevant to the ad

  • Gorgeous / Picturesque

  • Recognizable (as in a local landmark, especially when circle prospecting)

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