This is a plan some of our own sales experts have put together that we recommend for a basic strategy with Kunversion+. A detailed plan that incorporates things like hashtags and setting up your pipeline can be found here. Meshing the two is what you want to work towards.

1st week

  • Agent follow up only.

  • Make sure to set up correct drip campaign.

  • Call and text immediately, all new leads.

  • Look over activity stream: Look for any listing they may have looked at multiple times.Send text or email about that specific listing something along the lines of: "John I noticed you looked at 123 oak street 3 times in the last few days. Let me know if you want to look at that in person?"

  • Set up listing alerts: They are the #1 thing that will bring them back to site. Don't forget, it's possible for you to set a default alert and manage this task by simply setting a hashtag!

  • If you don't establish contact in the first 24 hours: continue trying to contact 6 times over the next 4 days.

  • Always add notes after each task


2nd week and on

  • Tuesdays / Thursday:  Lender follows up with leads.

  • Monday / Wednesday / Friday: Agent follows up with leads.

  • Key things to look for as a LenderLook at the activity stream and find an average price point, and a home that they have looked at multiple times, then sends a related message.Make sure the agent has added your Lender info in some part of the drip campaign.Ensure listing alerts are set up.

  • Key things to note as an AgentAfter initial contact attempt is made, try finding the lead in searches on additional sites like Google and Facebook.Connect with them on Facebook Messenger after your initial contact.Make sure you have them in the correct hashtags. Make sure listing alerts are set up.Look up properties and text ,chat or email specifics about what they were doing. (Use the text messaging strategies.)Take notes.


The Daily Routine

A basic routine that you can use as a general guide to plan your days. The more you read about all the strategies we have all over this site, the more opportunities you'll see to incorporate them into a routine such as this one.

Agent schedule:

  • 7-9 Online Lead Generation

  • 9-11 Email and Paperwork

  • 11-12 Lunch

  • 12-2 Prepare for Lead Generation (add facebook groups and get ads ready)

  • 2-4 Post Ads

4-7 Cold Calling

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