This article will explain how to leverage the data on your Team /Admin Dashboard to intelligently target your ads or posts to get better leads.

Primary Goals:

  1. Run basic campaigns to generate data.

  2. Compile Data into one or more strategies.

  3. Execute strategies as targeted ad campaigns.

Part 1: Basic Marketing

Initially, as a new user of Kunversion+, you need to get some basic marketing off the ground. Any sources of leads that you can funnel into Kunversion+ will generate the data you need. Some examples include:

  • Promoting a Facebook Business page

  • Purchasing Kunversion PPC marketing

  • Facebook ads

  • Facebook posts

  • Leads from Trulia/Zillow/

  • Leads from 3rd part sources with email imports

  • open houses

  • Text marketing

  • Nosy Neighbor/Seller Leads

The more sources you can funnel into the system the better. The more generic they are the better. 

After 6 months of marketing and lead generation you will be able to compile your historical data on the dashboard and start using it.

Part 2: Gather Data 

There are two places you can look on your Broker Dashboard to review what you've gathered.

1. PPC Areas with Price:

This is showing you where people are looking and with what average price. 

If you scroll to the bottom you will find the following (after clicking the 'click here' link)

2. Areas Moving From:

3. Areas Moving To:

After 6 months of lead activity on your site, you will have some incredibly valuable data here that can be used to refine your marketing. You can see where people generally live NOW, and where they are looking to purchase. And, for what price points.
Using Facebook and/or Google Adwords, you can very easily target ads to people living in certain areas, which showcase listings in the areas that those people generally want to move to! 

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