There are several key places where you can find leads.

1. Lookup by Status

In Kunversion+, Leads can be arranged into statuses. When you import them, or when they sign up on your K+ website, their status is always set automatically. 

You can access these statuses by clicking on 'Leads' in your left hand navigation.

2. Dashboard Quick Lists 

These Lists will give you shortcuts to access the following:

  • New Leads

  • Recently Active Leads (They were looking at properties on your website recently)

  • Hottest Leads (A list of leads that have generated a significant amount of activity and should have good reasons to followup with)

  • Missed Calls (A list of leads that you were supposed to call, but didn't)

  • New Texts (Leads that have sent you a text message that you can reply to)

  • Upcoming Reminders (Reminders you or the system has set that are due today)


3. Activity Stream 

Here you can see all the recently viewed properties on your site by your leads.

4. Notifications

Always review this list to see the recent activity your leads have engaged in. Click on the little warning triangle icon. The system notifies you when leads do interesting things on your website.

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