G-Suite Is a suite of products that you normally get with having a regular Google account, except in a controlled business environment. It means you can run your emails via Google using your own domain name. So instead of having an @gmail.com address, you have an email address at whatever your website might be.  Everything else would be connected under your website URL as well. Your documents you can store online, everyone's calendars, etc. It's a way for you to run a virtual office without needing special software.  The best part is of course that Kunversion+ integrates with it.

Should I move to G Suite?

Well, it does cost money of course, usually about $5 per user. For some people that is worth it to integrate Kunversion+ emails and connect their team (and manage the office level software and information). G Suite does have a little extra headroom as far as how much email you can send per day (10,000 per day max). You have to consider that limit includes things like listing alerts.

How do I convert my account to G Suite? 

Before considering the move to G Suite you need to determine how you're going to handle emails. If you just want to move your emails over from regular gmail to g suite, that process is actually very simple. It's called a migration . If your emails are elsewhere such as in Office365 or something similar, there are other Migrations that you can do. Google will help you with moving that data over.

The first step is to sign up! The setup wizard process is very straightforward. There are 2 pieces of information Kunversion+ will need from this setup process.

1. Website verification Meta Tag. When you first get to the website verification step, there may be other options apart from the meta tag. You'll want to select an alternate method, which is the meta tag method. You will get some funky code in the form of <meta>...</meta> html code that you'll need to give to us.

2. DKIM. The DKIM is a security key that will ensure that most of your mail does not end up as spam. We will need the 1024 bit version. Instructions for obtaining the DKIM are here

Once we have both of those things, we can convert your website to Google Apps. Normally what we would do is convert your site, and once that's done, you can complete the Apps Setup process. So, your site will actually flip to the Google Apps setup before you complete the Google Apps setup. Usually, right after you generate the meta tag, the next step is to complete the domain verification, which is the last step. So, once you obtain the meta tag, go to the admin console and generate the DKIM as well. Then send that to us. Once we convert your account, you can complete your domain verification step and Google Apps will be live!

Once that's done, you can access admin.google.com at any time to add users to your account. You must ensure that the users you create match the users you have setup in Kunversion+ as Agents. If you have an Agent in Kunversion+ who has no email that you setup in Google Apps, then that email does not exist!

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