Lead alerts will notify you of significant activity generated by leads. The lead alerts also affect what kinds of notifications you get on your mobile app. So, by turning off, or turning on lead alerts, you can choose to be notified only of specific contacts/leads' actions.

This is especially useful if you generate many leads, and want to stay focused on the triggers that you like to leverage the most.

How does it work?

You tell the system what kind of lead you want to keep track of. You do this by specifying a hashtag and/or star rating.

For example, I want to know if any 4 star leads, or #contacted leads unsubscribe, because to me those are risky losses. Someone who I talked to, or anyone with a lot of good contact information I want to remain connected to my listing alerts and emails so that they stay inside of my sphere of influence. 

Because I generate 100+ leads per month, I am going to limit this particular notification to just these leads.

Of course, this is a double edged sword. I would recommend using the system at a high lead generation rate for a few months before determining how I want to stay connected to lead activity.

Steps to create: 

1. In order to set this up, we will visit the settings page , and scroll down to the section that says ' Lead Alerts .'

2. From there, simply enter the criteria. 

Lead quality refers to star rating.

3.  Your alert appears below, in the 'Current Alerts' section. If you need to, you can delete the alert you setup using the button to the right.

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