Part of helping Kunversion+ work for you is integrating it into your every day life, which you can easily do by utilizing your mobile app.

By sending people to it, you can give them easy access to search for homes as well as get them using your system and added to your database.

Step 1: Get your Millions Mapped Link 

Your MM (Millions Mapped) link is unique to you, and you can locate it directly in your Agent Dashboard.

Click on the main menu at the top right corner and select 'Copy MM Link'.

When you click this option, a box will pop up that you can copy the link out of:

Step 2: Add the link to your signature 

We will use Gmail for this example, however you can repeat this process for any email you use.

In Gmail, click the gear icon in the upper right corner to access your Settings.

On the Settings page scroll down to your Signature section. In this section you can add or edit an existing email signature. 

In our example signature, we've added the line "tap here to search properties on your phone!" 

We then changed "tap here" to a link. To do this, highlight the text, then click the link icon.

In the dialog box that pops up, paste your MM link.

  • 'Text to display' should contain the text you highlighted

  • The box to what URL the link should go should contain your MM link.

  • Press OK when done.

Now you have a reliable concierge option for people that you can set and forget. People can use the app to find properties and contact you. They can setup their own searches and even find properties that are geographically nearby!

Note: if anyone ever asks you for your 'Agent Code' you can find it on your Kunversion+ Settings page. Just scroll down to 'Millions Mapped Agent Code'

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