Often times, if your account changes, or if you accidentally (or intentionally) log in and out of Google accounts, your Kunversion+ Dashboard could become un-synced, resulting in this error:

How does this happen? 

Well, Kunversion+ is expecting you to be logged into a specific Google Account when you access it. This is to make sure that when you send emails, or go to look up emails, everything is in the right place. 

Tip: Kunversion+ is not downloading or saving any of your email. It only ever shows you what matches the lead you're reviewing. We also do not allow any other users access so you are the only one within your brokerage that will be able to access your emails.

To fix this error follow these steps:

1. Log out of GMail. In GMail, click on your avatar on the upper right corner, and click the sign out button.

2. Go to your Kunversion+ Settings Page and check what Google Account Kunversion+ is expecting

3. Open a new tab, and log into GMail with the 'Gmail Address' shown on your Kunversion+ Settings Page .

4. Go back to your Kunversion+ Settings Page and click the Green 'Authorize New Google Account' button. 

5. Accept the permissions on the following page until you are returned to the Dashboard. That's it! Your Sync Error should go away. If it does not, double check your settings page. If your Authorized Google Account address matches your 'Gmail Address' shown on the settings page then you are good to go, and the error will go away on its own, usually by the next time you log in. 

'Gmail Address' may be a G-Suite or Google Apps address. It is controlled by your account admin. 

If your team is using G-Suite or Google Apps on the same URL as Kunversion+, you MUST use the G-Suite/Apps address. You may not use regular GMail.

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