GMail signatures are what your leads will see at the end of your emails when you email them from GMail.

How to create a signature

You can find the specific instructions for creating a GMail signature on any device here.

Where do GMail signatures show?

Whenever you send an email using GMail (such as clicking a link which opens GMail itself) it will include the signature you created in GMail. This is because you are composing the email from within GMail.

My Kunversion+ emails don't have my GMail signature? Why?

When the system sends emails automatically, it cannot read your GMail signature from your Google account, so we compile a signature based on your profile info.


I am trying to send an email from Kunversion+. My signature is not showing. Why?

When we trigger a pre-written email for you to send from a link you click in the system, it overwrites the signature. It's a technical limitation. The best workaround is to create a canned response with just your GMail signature. That way you can quickly and easily insert it when you need to.

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