How to find your K+ nameservers, and some additional information on custom domains.

Within your Kunversion+ Admin Dashboard you will find the nameservers you need to set for your Kunversion+ domain. 

You can access the setting by clicking here: Nameservers

It is number 70 on the admin settings page.

If you do not see any nameservers, and there is a message that says "Frontend Site not configured yet" then it means your K+ website is not enabled or ready to be live yet. Please contact support for additional information, or your onboarding representative if you have not yet launched.

How to set your custom nameservers:

Each domain host has their own method for setting up nameservers. We've found help articles for the most popular ones, however you may need to contact your host for further assistance.



Network Solutions



What about personalized domains?

If you are not an admin trying to setup the main Kunversion+ website, but instead you have your own personal domain that you want to point to your K+ subdomain (i.e. then the nameserver method for pointing is not what you can use to accomplish that.

In order for you to use the nameserver method, special configurations would be needed. 

Instead, what you need to do is setup a domain redirect, also known as domain forwarding. When setting up forwarding at your domain host, be sure to avoid any option to mask your domain! This will break many functions on your K+ website. It should be forwarded without masking.

Below are some of the common options you can see when setting up forwarding. Select a permanent redirect with no masking.

(domain forwarding options in GoDaddy)

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