Notes can be added in a few ways in Kunversion+.

All notes end up in the same place, no matter where they are added from, the notes tab. It's accessible after opening a contact record:

Whenever you add a #hashtag to a note, it creates that hashtag for that lead. Always. No matter where you add it from. Hashtags are created via notes.

Notes: Added from the notes tab

This is the 'regular' way to add notes to leads, since you typically do so while working in their record. 

Open the notes tab, then click 'New Note.'

The expanded screen will give you a few options to enhance your note, such as converting it to a reminder.

Reminder Date : Calendar Date for your reminder. Does not sync to Google on its own.

Reminder Time : Specific time you want your reminder to count down to when you log into your dashboard on that day.

Sync Google : Reminder will not be added to Google Calendar unless you set this to 'Yes.'

Reminders are always added to your default calendar. Unfortunately there is no way to direct reminders to a specific calendar.

CC Lender : This triggers an email notification to the lender on your team who also has access to this lead, as soon as the note is added.

Lenders can always see all of your notes. You can always see all of their notes. The CC option allows you to specifically notify them to review your update.

Add Call : This adds a ' Call to Make ' to your dashboard for the specified Date & Time. It counts as any other call to make, and will show as a missed call if you miss it.

Non Editable : Setting this to yes means that the note can never be edited or deleted. Useful for administrative purposes. Yes, this means you can create permanent hashtags.


Once a note is added with a date and time, it becomes a reminder. Reminders have 'countdowns' associated with them, which is basically a stripey bar. The bigger the bar, the closer the reminder is to being due. You will see this not only in the notes tab, but in your notifications tab.

Due Soon:

Due Soon, in the Notifications List:

Due Later:

You'll notice you have the ability to mark a reminder as complete in a few places. This removes it from the reminder list, and notifications to get it out of the way.

Notes & Reminders Shortcuts

Depending on what and/or where, these may come in handy. Basically, you can add these things without having to go all the way to the notes tab.

Via Quick Actions

From the Quick Actions page, when you start typing the leads name, you'll be able to select from a list of suggestions. 


If you happen to be exploring the Kalahari in a rented 1974 VW Bug, and you get a critical email that you absolutely must remember about later, you can forward it to  using your Gmail app (or any email app really, it would be ideal if the email you were sending from is the email Kunversion knows you by). So long as your leads' email address is in the subject of the message that you forward, we will add that email as a note to your lead!

Via the Quick Note box

While looking at the lead's overview page, you can save a few clicks by using the Quick Note Box. This is great for basic notes.

Via the calls tab

The notes that you enter on the calls tab, are saved on the notes tab as well! Just add a new inbound, or outbound call (or use the buttons to complete a call to make) and you will see a new row for you to add notes to.

You can also schedule calls from the calls tab.

This is useful for setting repeat reminders over a set period of time. It is exactly the same as adding a call to make. However, this will create several at once, saving many clicks.

If you accomplish what you set out to do with your repeat calls, you may have to manually click to 'Complete' the rest of the scheduled calls. So, it's a good idea to do a few calls over a shorter period of time, or many calls over a long period of time, depending what your goal is. The sweet spot is 10 calls over 2 weeks for new leads.

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