The system emails you every morning with what calls you have to make. These calls might be calls that you scheduled yourself, or that the system found that you can make to follow up on some significant lead activity on your K+ website.

Calls to Make are not New Lead Phone Calls .

First, find the calls to make icon at the top of your dashboard, or one of the red call boxes.

(calls to make icon)

(calls to make box)

Clicking on the red box, or one of the people in the list under the calls icon will take you to their details page. There, front and center you will see this.
This is a call to make. It tells you that the lead is on the call list for that day. It gives you the reason for the call (either a scheduled reminder, or the lead did something like express interest in a listing.) 

In order for the system to know that you called, you must call them and then click on one of the three buttons. Bad #, Not Home, or Contacted.

Don't mark leads as called on the calls tab if they are in your call list! Use one of these three buttons!

  • Bad # - Removes the phone number from that lead.

  • Not Home & Contacted - Records the call as completed, and then prompts you to leave notes for the call you just made, on the calls tab.

You can also complete your calls to make on the Kunversion Mobile App Dialer !

How to Schedule Calls to Make

You'll notice that as you complete calls, you are taken to the calls tab on your contacts details page.

Along with logging any calls that occur, you can use the schedule call button to schedule future and also recurring calls in the future if desired.

Catching Up On Missed Calls

If you miss any of your calls, there is a tab on the dashboard (to the right of new leads, hottest, etc.)  that will allow you to review them. 

Adding calls to these leads will not clear your missed calls stat with the admin, but it will remove the missed call from this list.

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