Currently, this can only be done at the Broker Level.

You can add any sort of content you want to your Kunverison+ website, using this feature. Pages about partners, or your Agency, anything can be created! With this tool, you have a WYSIWYG editor to allow you to design your content without too much trouble.

When you add a custom page to your site, you can opt to display a maximum of two outside of the resources page (because of space limitations on the title bar)

We have two displayed here, "Warwick Grove" (a neighborhood) and "Title Agency".

The rest of the custom pages you create show up under "Resources"


To get started, find the Custom Pages option under the content tab of the Broker Dashboard:

There are 2 primary settings to think about when deciding how to organize your pages. 

Title : The Title of the page in Resources

Category : The Category under which the page is located

Clicking on one of the red links will do one of two things. Either, it will take you to the page where you entered Content using the editor, or it will take you to another website if you specify a URL. You can either have a page with information, or a linked URL. Not both.


This is a field where you can enter the information you want on your page. Use the editor tools at the top of the field to upload images, embed video, or customize the style of your text.


This is the field used to tell your Title to be a link to the specified URL. Make sure it starts with http://


This field determines what shows up in the address bar when someone visits your custom page:

Meta Tag Descriptions/Keywords

These two fields will be familiar to those of you who know what Meta Tags are. We allow you to specify the informaiton in the meta tags for your custom pages using these fields. Meta information relates to SEO. If you are unsure of what to enter, use the tips inside the fields and enter the information that is most relevant to your page. For example, keywords you want related to your page should actually exist on the page itself.

RSS/Property Feed for Sidebar 

You have two options here. You can embed an RSS feed (if you're familiar with those) on to the right hand side of your custom page, or a list of quick search results. Embedding the quick search looks like this:

Quick search embed means that you have to obtain a quick search URL. Doing this is quite simple. Go to your Kunversion website, and do a search for the area you want your listings to pertain to. Once you see a list of results, simply copy the URL from the address bar in your browser and paste it into this field.

Show in Main Navigation: (Max 2 Categories)

Earlier in this article, you saw that in the black navigation bar at the top of the site, you saw we had two custom pages listed. Title Agency and Warwick Grove. This option is what determines if this custom page should be directly visible there. If you attempt to display more than 2, then no custom pages will be shown, because there isn't enough space to show three. So, if you set this, and your custom pages disappear off your website navigation bar, that is why.

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