On your Kunversion+ site, you can elect how listings are viewed by default.

Access a search or list of properties on your Kunversion+ site and check out the different views. If you think one is better than the rest, you can change it to default to that view. Of course, your leads can change their view whenever they want. 

This setting is changed on the Admin Settings Page

When updating anything in Geeky Settings, the system can take up to 90 minutes to reflect the change. If you do not see the change when you check for it, please clear the cache/cookies on your browser and/or open the link via an incognito tab.

To access the settings page:

1.  Log into Team/Admin dashboard

2.  Hover over Settings & Click on Settings

3.  Scroll down to #37: Default Method for Display

4. Select your option and scroll to the bottom to click on the blue update settings button.

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