When creating landing pages you have a few default background options available to use. In addition to those default images you also have the ability to use the primary MLS image from a particular listing or use a custom background image.

Most of the time one of the default images or a listing image from the MLS will suffice for the content of the landing page you are creating, but you will probably want to use a custom image for the background of a recruiting landing page or a holiday-specific landing page.

Because you cannot upload an image directly onto a landing page you will need to host (upload) your image on another platform and then use the URL (link) on your landing page.

You can choose any image hosting platform, like Imgur, Flickr, Photobucket, etc...to use when trying to add a custom background image.

Please Note: Due to Google's updates you are no longer able to use Google Drive to host images and use them with a landing page.

You can also use kvCORE's blog posting tool to upload and host an image in order to use it with a landing page. For more information on using the blog post tool to host images for landing pages, click here.

Using Imgur to Host Your Image

The first step in using a custom image is to upload it to the website you have chosen. In this case, it is imgur.com.

Disclaimer: Inside Real Estate is not affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Imgur, any of its subsidiaries, or its affiliates. Inside Real Estate's Support team cannot assist with troubleshooting issues or answer questions about using Imgur's website or software.

1. Go to imgur.com.

2. Click on the green "Sign Up" button in the top right. If you already have an Imgur account, click "Sign In" and skip the next step.

3. Fill out the form that appears in order to create a free account.

4. Click on your profile icon in the top right.

5. Click on 'Images' from the drop-down that appears.

6. Click the green "New Images" button to the right.

7. Click "Browse" to choose a picture from your laptop or desktop computer or simply drag and drop the image from your computer to the grey box that appears.

8. Click on the uploaded image after the screen refreshes to show you the added picture.

9. Click the blue "Copy" button to the right of the 'Direct Link'.

10. Go back to your landing page and click on 'Background'.

11. Click on 'Custom Background'.

12. Paste the Imgur link you copied into the field that appears in the pop-up.

13. Click the blue "OK" button.

The page will then refresh to show the landing page's content with your custom background.

Now that you have a free Imgur account you can upload an unlimited number of images to use in various landing pages and one place to store all of them. The URL never changes for each image unless you delete it and reupload it, so you can use them over and over.

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