kvCORE's CMA Builder will generate a PDF report on a property, using a 3rd party data service to compile sales and other area data automatically.

How to Access the CMA Builder

1. Click on the 'Marketing' tab from the main navigation on the left side.

2. Click 'Get Started' in the CMA Builder tile.


How to Build a CMA

Prepared For - Enter your client's name.
Property Address - Begin typing an address. Keep typing until you see the correct suggestion pop up, then click on that address suggestion.
Apartment Number - Enter the unit number (if applicable.)

Click 'Build CMA' after you entered both a name and pick an address from the list.

After a short loading time, you will be prompted to download and save your PDF.


Generally speaking, if you are unable to build a CMA, that is because the data source that provides the valuation doesn't have enough data to yield an accurate valuation. It's also possible the address is formatted wrong, or you are missing some information in your Company/Office/Team profile.

The required fields are as follows:

"address": [
       "The address field is required."
   "city": [
       "The city field is required when zip is not present."
   "state": [
       "The state field is required."
   "zip": [
       "The zip field is required when city is not present."
   "company_logo": [
       "The company logo field is required."
   "background_image": [
       "The background image field is required."
   "agency_name": [
       "The agency name field is required."

CMA Limits

CMA limits are now implemented per entity in addition to creation by account. This will help larger Enterprise clients provide team/office options for CMAs that don’t pull from the overall Company’s limit.

The default will be 50 per month for each Team or Office, but the Onboarding team can update that amount to 150 a month for accounts that have purchased the Core Team Plus Add-on. Companies can also purchase additional CMAs if desired. Special teams will not have any additional CMAs.

Company Admins: If you'd like to increase your CMA limit please reach out to your Account Manager for assistance.

When a team generates a CMA, it will pull from their team/office total first. If the Team/Office has no more CMAs available for the month, then it will pull from the Company’s total. If the Company is out of CMAs for the month, then the request will fail.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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