From the Team/Admin Dashboard you may access the Leads menu to review the different query options available to you:

Recently Active - Leads that have recently signed up

Buyer Leads - This is your main list of leads across all agents.

Seller Leads - These are all of the leads that have seller information in their profile.

Mortgage Leads - These are all of the leads which your Mortgage Partners have access to.

Text Leads - All of the inbound text leads from custom text codes.

Phone Leads - All of the leads that have either been converted from text leads to phone leads by agents, or phone leads that have been captured via the smart number (see option 17 in phone settings.)

When accessing any of these lists there are options for managing your view, using filters:

Using the selection boxes, you can effect various mass-management options:

The quick search at the upper right side will filter by any of the columns you see. Search for name, number, email, hashtag, etc.

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