When adding a post there are certain guidelines that you will need to follow to allow yourself the best chances to show up in the search engines and to make your blog professional. Remember to not only talk about the Housing Market in your area, but about the Communities, Neighborhoods, and Lifestyle of your area. This will help you blog be fun for you and your readers.


Make sure your title is something that will capture the reader’s eye.

Example: Instead of saying “Homes For Sale in Salt Lake City UT”, you could say “The Top 5 Most Interesting Homes For Sale in Salt Lake City UT March 2019”

Always use city names, area names, or town names in your title.

The more connected you are to local events and happenings the better. Participating and awareness of local content will have a higher chance of bringing in local organic traffic. This awareness spreading by providing helpful information that may not be available elsewhere could be an easy way to generate content. When people discuss things on social media what kinds of questions do they have? This kind of approach to local expertise is a very straightforward way to get started with your own unique blog content.Here you can see a well-connected blog featuring town names in all blog post titles.


Google judges the uniqueness of your content. You should always try writing everything in your own words.

Add 200 to 500 words per post.

When referencing other articles:

  • Please just don’t copy and paste the whole article into your post.

  • Summarize the article and put it into your own words. Feel free to put snippets of the article into your post.

  • Whenever you use another article please make sure you cite your sources properly. You can use an asterisk and list your sources at the bottom. Look at examples such as wikipedia for ideas on how to format this.

Adding pictures and movies and a great way to break up the text of your blog and search engines love them as well. Just remember to add context too.

When adding links make sure that for the target you select is “Open Link in a New Window”. This makes sure that your blog is easy to get back to.

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