Kunversion+ Marketplace

You can find the marketplace in your left hand navigation, below the 'Build CMA' option.

The marketplace is a comprehensive list of add-ons that you can purchase for your K+ account. Primarily these have to do with getting new leads flowing into your dashboard via internet advertising of your K+ website. These packages are a good addition to the other ways you can generate leads or incubate your sphere.

The three main components of the marketplace : "Purchase Leads," "Lead Generation," and "Transactions & Financial."

  • Purchase Leads - The most direct way to pick a budget that fits, and get buyers and sellers into your dashboard. For any type of leads that you desire, we recommend a buyer leads package. Seller lead advertising is difficult if you don't have a funnel that you've designed yourself, and many buyers are also sellers. So, going right for buyers is always the best bet. Foreclosure leads are ideal for accounts who have very active lender partners who can possibly seize opportunities for re-financing or are active in buyer education and followups to secure funding they didn't know they could get.

  • Lead Generation - These are specialized products that leverage your own listings or marketing strategies that seek to generate leads outside of your regular "homes for sale" type ads. Clicking on the "Get This" buttons in this section will typically link you out to our product specific sites where you can find more information on how those products work.

  • Transactions & Financial - These products provide you with transaction management solutions that help you manage the paperwork steps of what you do electronically. 

What is the difference between Google and Facebook buyer leads?

They are very similar. In either case, people are seeing ads and clicking on them, and being redirected to listings. The most obvious difference however is the cost. Google campaigns take longer to ramp-up and become efficient, while the facebook advertising model is a little more predictable and suits the short term. So, in order to get the same effect you need to operate with different budgets. The Google campaigns tend to cost more per lead in the long run. Some people will swear that there is a difference in their perceived lead quality, however at the end of the day they are all internet leads, and are basically the same kinds of people.

Both types of advertising are subject to seasonal changes, market changes, and the like. The same things that affect the stock market will usually influence people's desire to shop for homes. 

If it all possible, it's a good idea to run both types of advertising packages simultaneously. You can better insulate yourself from changes in the lead market by competition entering it, even if only temporarily.

What should I do?

At the end of the day, you do need some kind of advertising. About 70 - 80% of your business is going to come from the people you know, your sphere of influence. And the more active you are in your sphere the more business you will do. The rest of your portfolio as it were, will include internet marketing. 20 - 30% is still a healthy chunk in the grand scheme of things, and the more you diversify that chunk the better.

Always go with Buyer leads first. Seller leads are difficult to obtain unless you put together a very specialized marketing campaign that can effectively target home owners. Usually with offers or guarantees that you can provide with liquid capital, or incentives that you can offer with your partnered businesses.

If you are just starting out, go with a Facebook buyer package. It's the most efficient way to get leads, and you can still use facebook on the side to do your own advertising and social media posting to get more leads. Eventually you can supplement it with additional Google marketing, or you will do your own advertising with Squeeze Pages or Landing Pages.

Your overall goal is to get to where you are generating 30-50 new leads per month. If you can get to that stage, then  you are on the right path. The Ala Carte packages will typically get you there, if not, very close. It depends on your market. 

If you choose to go with a Google package, please keep in mind that you want it to be running for several months in a row at a bare minimum, so your efficiency has a chance to ramp up and you get the most for your money. Additionally, if you keep your Google advertising running for 6 months, it's going to be more expensive to stop it and re-start it, than if you had kept it going. 

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