The Lender Dashboard is based on the Agent Dashboard, and shares many of the same features. Below we will outline the features of the Lender Dashboard as well as some basic application of how to use it properly.

Logging In

If you do not have a username and password that was sent to you in a welcome email from the Agency, please contact support and we'll get you setup. Once you have your login info, you may log in at

Setting Your Settings

The first thing you should do in your new Dashboard is make sure that all of your settings are configured properly. Find your Name at the top right corner of the dashboard, click on it, and then click on Settings.

  • For your Pre-Approval URL, enter the URL your leads should go to if they want to fill out an online pre-approval application.

  • The Mojo security code is available for those of you who use a Mojo Dialer.

  • You can use HTML to customize the Finance tab on the Agencies website using the 'Disclaimer for Website' field, including adding photos and other content.

  • Default Drip will specify what Drip Campaign you wish to use for all new leads when they are registered. In order for Drip Campaigns to function, you MUST use a Gmail Address as your Username and your correct Gmail password as your Kunversion password. (we will use your Gmail account to send the drips)

  • Custom Signature is used for the Drip Emails that are sent out.

The Menu Bar

On the upper right portion of your dashboard you'll see these menu options. Going from left to right:

  • The first Icon, that looks like an attention triangle, are notifications. This is the "pulse" on your leads' activity, and shows you what's going on with them. From the Realtors perspective, these are all opportunities to follow up. Depending on how aggressive you are with seeking opportunities to recommend that leads get a pre-approval, that can work for you as well. 

  • The second icon, which looks like a group of people is your leads online indicator. This notifies you if any leads are on the K+ Agent's website right now. 

  • The third icon, the Phone in a Box, is calls to make. These are new leads that have not been called yet by you. For leads with phone numbers, the Agent should have called them, or tried to call them, and you'll check your leads notes before making that call (typically.) You can review lead notes by clicking on the Notes tab after clicking on the lead in the call list. 

  • The fourth icon shows you blog statistics. More info on blogging can be found here. 

  • "Quick Actions" is a collection of miscellaneous features you might want to use. For example, you can add your own leads, or post ads to Craigslist. 

  • And then Finally, there is your Main Menu, which you accessed earlier to view your settings.

New Leads, Active Leads, Hot Leads

When you log into the new Dashboard, you'll see these lists that help you find leads in useful ways, aside from the notifications list at the top, or the left hand Navigation options on the left. These tabs are located on the dashboard right under the large colored notices.

New Leads - Leads that signed up within the last few days are considered "New."

Active Leads - Leads that have done something on the Agencies website recently. How long ago that activity was is denoted on the right.

Hottest Leads - Leads that Are Active, and Subscribed, who have generated the most activity in the form of Notifications. These leads are the most likely to respond.

Missed Calls - These are scheduled phone calls that were not completed. You can re-visit them in this tab when you need to.

How to make your own folders to organize leads

You can create your own "Folders" to organize your leads, in the form of Hashtags. Realtors can also create their own folders as well, and you can see them populated under "Hashtags" on the left hand side.

To create a new Hashtag of your own, open a lead that you want to assign to a Hashtag by clicking on their name. You can click on any lead you see to open its details page.

Click on the notes tab,

and add a note to it that is a hashtag:

Hashtags cannot start with Numbers, or contain spaces. They must be at least 4 characters long, not including the #

After your hashtag is created, you can assign new leads to it very easily. Whenever you click on a lead to view their details, look for the Hashtags box. This will allow you to select any previously existing hashtags from a list.

This is on the overview tab:

You'll notice that when you click Hashtags on the left hand navigation menu, you will see your old folders (If you are used to using the old dashboard) and also categories for each Realtor you work with.

The Hashtags menu is split between hashtags you created, and folders for each agent as well.


Speaking of notes, the most important thing to note, is that you can "CC Agent." This will send an email to the Realtor the lead is working with, notifying them that you updated the notes for that lead.

This is one of the most important ways for you to keep each other in the loop on a lead-by-lead basis, as they have a "CC Lender" option on their end as well.

Lead Activity

Want to know what this lead is interested in, what their price point is, etc?

First, the lead summary is visible on the Overview tab for that lead, right under their name:

If you look down further, near the bottom, you'll see tabs that show their popular and saved properties as well:

If you want to see their specific listing views in chronological order, click on 'Activity' at the top. This will show you a visual overview of that leads entire listing history, excluding properties that are NLA. A double tile indicates a property that was viewed at least 4 times, or was saved by that lead for future reference.

Listing Alerts

The adjacent 'Alerts' tab will show you what property updates the lead is currently subscribed to. Any new listings that match the specified criteria that are listed in the MLS are emailed out every 24 hours. If you click on 'Alert 1 Results' you'll see which properties have been emailed out over the course of the past week, as well as which of those they clicked on (indicated by the double tile.)

Using the System, in Practice

Now that you know where to find everything regarding what the lead is interested in, you'll be following up with them in several different ways.

It depends on how closely you are working with the Agents on the system.

  • Are they keeping Hashtags to organize them appropriately so that you know what kind of lead it is?

  • Are they keeping notes? If so, we'll review them before calling.

  • Is there a specific process you have arranged with the agents as far as when you are going to step into the picture?

  • What kind of offers or strategies do you have in place to approach a potential home buyer?

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself, of course. But essentially, know this:

  • The Agent is always going to be the first point of contact during normal business hours, when the system assigns a new lead with a phone number to them. Even though both of you will receive the lead at the same time (unless the Broker has set things up differently)

  • During the first few days that the lead is new, use that time to observe their browsing behavior, unless they have a phone number. There are already a lot of emails going out to the lead in that time.

  • Keep an eye out for developments in your email, for when the Agent notifies you of an important new development via notes. Also, you should be keeping them updated as well, where necessary.

Let's say that you're going to follow up with a lead, after reviewing their activity. Here is an example of something you can say to them to try to get them a pre-approval.

Tips :

  • Mention you work with the agency.

  • Any special offers or ideas you have should be part of a buyers program that you've designed to save them money, even in the long term.

  • People that say that they are just looking are really just not sure of their situation. We should push to get them on our buyers program, pre-approved, etc.

Sample Scripts :

"Hi, this is [name] I work with [Realtor] over at [agency] and I saw that you've been looking at homes for around [price] in [area]. I was wondering if you've gone out to see any of these listings with [Realtor] yet?"

"It's really important especially from what we've seen in this market to be prepared or to start getting prepared as soon as possible so that you can save money in the long run."

"It's really important before you start finding the right home to get pre-approved so that these will take you seriously, and your Realtor can help you secure an amazing opportunity whenever it presents itself. (I can help you get) / (we should get) that started today."

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