How to use lead statuses

  • Sphere - People you know, who may or may not be interested in real estate.

  • New Lead - Someone who signed up on your site, or you have added that is showing signs of buying or selling.

  • Active Lead - Someone is is actively searching for a house or wanting to list.

  • Client - Someone you are working actively with, processing paperwork, showing homes, etc.

  • Contract - Normally, a client that you have who has entered a formal agreement or who you are tracking in a transaction.

  • Closed - After their home purchase is complete, these Clients/Contracts should be marked as Closed.

  • Archived - People you don't intend to communicate with. Kind of like a trash bin.

How to change lead status

At any time, for any kind of contact, you can always change their status from the overview  tab.

Around the center area, below the lead summary you can access the status change menu:


Mass Status Change

It's simple to change the status of an entire list of contacts if you need to.

1. Open a list of contacts, by status, or hashtag, etc.
2. Select the contacts you want, or use the 'select all' box at the top.

3. At the bottom of your list, click on the 'Status' button.

4. In the dialog box that pops up, select the status you want to change the selected contacts to. If you want to change the status of the entire list, you can do so by checking the box to 'include all.'


Lead to Client Shortcut

If you want to change a lead to a client, there is a nice shortcut on the contact overview tab, that you can use to do so. It's located at the far right side of the screen.

Lead Filters

These filters are built into the Leads tab when you expand it.


  • Actively Searching - These Leads have been on your Kunversion website viewing homes within the last 90 days.

  • Not Searching - These Leads have not been to your Kunversion website in over 90 days.

  • Unsubscribed - These Leads have specifically unsubscribed. From Emails. It's always a good idea to check to make sure they meant to do so by asking them! Mistakes happen!

  • No Drips - These leads have no assigned drip campaign. It might be acceptable if they were at least assigned to listing alerts, or market reports, or if they are 'Sphere' status - the monthly newsletter (see 'special emails' below.)

  • No Alerts - Generally a red flag, not having alerts is something to try to rectify if you can. Even if people are not actively looking for a home to buy they generally might be open to getting updates on what homes are being listed in their area, just to keep a finger on the pulse of the neighborhood.

  • Missed Calls - If you have missed any scheduled calls to make with leads, they will appear in this list. It's a good idea to go through them to check for any significant activity to followup on. 


Special emails

There are special emails that only go out for certain statuses.

Monthly seller valuation email 

All Statuses except Archived   - It's an email that updates them on an estimated value of their property and also displays comparable listings currently for sale.

[ You can control this by clicking on a leads' profile tab, and scrolling down to the seller info section to control this. ]

Monthly Market Report

Sphere, New Lead, Active Lead, Closed - An email that reports price averages and movements in a particular zip code.  It's a general marketing report that is a useful way to stay in touch over time.

Weekly traffic report (If they are a current listing.)

Client & Contract - An email that reports how many views their listing has gotten online, such as on your Kunversion website. A very easy way to show your client your marketing producing results for them.

[ You can control this by entering an MLS# onto a clients overview panel - it's to the right under "Weekly Traffic Report." ]


Sphere - An email that goes out monthly which contains a summary of your blog posts, as well as some filler content such as first time home buying tips and whatnot generated by Kunversion. A great usage of your blog posts! If you have an idea or topic that you want to push to your sphere, blog about it. No worries about sending separate email updates.


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