In order to add a lead manually, first login to your Agent Dashboard, click on Quick Actions and select Add Lead.

When you manually add a lead, you must also manually add them to a drip campaign, listing alerts, etc. It will not happen automatically, because the lead was not created as a result of visiting the site. You need to get them to the site in order for Kunversion to intelligently followup with them.

On the add a lead screen, there are three specific kinds of leads you can add.

  • Add Lead w/Email Address

  • Add Lead By Mailing Address

  • Add Lead w/Phone Only

Adding a lead with an email address is your regular lead. We need at least a name and an email to add them to the system. 

Entering info into the mailing address option will attempt to search for the home owner's info, using our address information lookup software, and if anything is found, their information will be populated into the 'Add Lead w/Email Address' section.

Adding a lead with just a phone number using the 'w/Phone Only' option will add the number to your 'Phone Leads' section in your left hand navigation.

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