Yes you can, on your settings page.

Click on the Hi, (Name) menu on the top right. Click on settings.

You'll see the option to change the campaign that is automatically assigned to various lead types.

If a campaign is 'Broker Mandated' it may not be changed. The Broker Mandated campaign is chosen from one of your Agencies' shared campaigns.

You can set any of your own custom campaigns as a default campaign.

If a custom campaign has a specified welcome email or text, that overrides any welcome email or text that might be sent from Kunversion+. However, it must also be the very first campaign assigned to that new lead. So, it must either be a default campaign, or a campaign associated with a hashtag that overrides the default.

Notes on campaigns assigned to hashtags:

  • The FIRST hashtag assigned to a lead determines if a matching drip campaign is assigned.It's possible that an existing lead might at one point click on to a landing page or squeeze page. If they sign-up again, the hashtags assigned to that squeeze or landing page will be added to the pre-existing lead's tags. These newly added tag(s) will not trigger automatic campaign assignments, unless they are the FIRST hashtags to be added.

  • Click here or more information on assigning campaigns automatically with hashtags (to bypass the default campaign setting.)

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