Some drip campaigns in K+ are built by us, or built by others who also use the system. This will show you how to find those campaigns, copy them, and then modify them.

The shared campaign library holds the K+ default campaigns, as well as campaigns created by others. You could also share your own campaigns for others to use.

How To Find A Default Or Shared Campaign

(And then customize it.)

Shared Email Library

Click Here to go to the campaign library.

You can also navigate there by clicking on the 'Search' option in your left hand navigation (1.)

  1. Search

  2. Campaign Library

  3. Find any campaign by searching for the author, or by the name of the campaign.

  4. When you first open the library, the K+ default campaigns will show first.


How To Copy & Modify The Default Campaign

We will use the default campaign in our example. If you've been using the default campaign and wish to customize it, this is where you begin.

Start by clicking on 'Use This Campaign.'

You can review all of the events or messages in a campaign by clicking on the tabs to preview the messages.

After clicking 'Use This Campaign' you will be prompted to re-name the campaign to make it unique to you. It's important to give it a proper name, so that you can find it later inside of drop down menus.

After clicking 'OK' you will be taken to the campaigns section of your settings page. Scroll down until you see your campaign that you just named.

From here, you can begin modifying the campaign.

All of the details regarding how to customize the campaign can be found here.

Before you proceed to the above link, note the following items:

  • Don't forget to set your named campaign as the new default campaign on your settings page (at the top.)

  • You can associate your named campaign with a hashtag, so that all the new lead you get that are tied to that hashtag get assigned to that campaign automatically.

  • Setting the initial text and/or initial welcome email will override the default text/email that is sent from K+ to your new leads who get put onto this campaign.

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