Squeeze Page:

A squeeze page (or link) is simply a link to a list of properties. However, it can track statistics that you need to see if your advertising or other efforts are working. Also, it can provide tracking at a deeper level than google analytics. Basically, they allow you to see how many people have visited the link, and how many people have signed up as a result, giving your signup rate. If your signup rate is over 7%, you're doing well. Also, of the people that signed up, you can see which of them came from what campaign, so long as you specify a hashtag. 


Landing Page:

A landing page is an essential part of an advertising funnnel, depending on what your goal is. In a regular ad, you have only a few lines to communicate your ad. If what people see after they click is not what they were expecting your ad will fail. So in some cases you need people to click the ad, and then see additional information before they might be convinced to continue to sign up or participate. This is especially true with ads that try to target sellers. You need a quick hook to get homeowners interested in clicking, and then you need to show them a nice looking page that sells your abilities or talents, before they might be convinced to give your valuation tool a try.



So, basically, if you have a simple ad or post, where you want to show people a specific list of properties, you want squeeze links. Because clicking from that kind of ad should show the potential lead properties right away. However, if you have a more complicated pitch where you need to communicate more information than a simple advertisement of a few lines can, you can leverage landing pages to help you do that.


Click here for more information and some helpful advertising tips to leverage these tools.

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