Within K+ there is a signup form you can display on a phone or tablet, to have people sign in before they can tour an open house. All of the captured leads will be deposited into K+ with their own unique hashtag that looks like #openhouse1234567 (open house and mls #.) This allows you to anticipate that tag, add to a test lead so it's in your system, and build a custom drip campaign to speak to that open house, the surrounding area, community, etc. The tag can also trigger alerts for a specific area, type of home, price range.

In order to get the form to show on your device, you have to log into K+ on that device. Go to kunversion.com and sign in to your account.

Once you're logged in, open up the listing on your agent dashboard.

You can do this by searching for the MLS Number at the top of your dashboard or by clicking on listings on the left.

Once you click on the listing address to view the details of it, find the 'What Would You Like To Do' button.

Click what would you like to do then scroll down and click open house. 

It will open the sign-in sheet on a new tab in your browser.

If you do this on your tablet you will see the sign in sheet in a new tab that people can use. 

Ideally, you can bookmark this page to add it to the home screen of your tablet/device for easy access!

Alternatively, you also have the option of using your K+ Mobile App as your open house sign-in sheet as well! Check out chapters 8 & 9 of this video .

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