Manual Listings : Key Points

  • Listings you add are NOT added to the MLS.
  • Listings will be syndicated to third parties such as Zillow (when available.)
  • Listings will connect to school information from your MLS, but do not use any other MLS data, meaning that the options you select or input are not connected or derived from your local MLS.
  • Listings will show on your website in a special section titled "Exclusive Listings" instead alongside normal MLS listings. You can link to this list using your kvCORE domain:  http:// kvCORE domain goes here  /exclusives.php?type=Exclusive
  • Listings will be sent out in Listing Alerts and can be used by the different tools in kvCORE (Text Listings, Email Listing, etc.), also note that this can be sent out by other agents in the brokerage as an alert as well.


How to Add a Manual Listing

First, click on the listings tab, and then click on the 'Manual' button at the top.


Then, click 'Add Listing' at the top right.


1. Property Location

Follow the wizard entering information to the end. Not all fields are required. A price is required to generate a seller pitch sheet. The quality of your listing is dependent on what you enter into all the fields in this wizard. The more info you add the better, especially if you are expecting an MLS listing to follow.

Follow the wizard to add a listing starting with the address. Typing in the start of the address will bring up a list of suggestions from Google. Pick the appropriate one. If your address doesn't appear, just click outside the field and you can enter the information manually.

The 'Area', 'County,' and 'Neighborhood fields are usually pieces of data that come from the MLS. If you know the exact names of these areas you can enter them manually, but they are not required.

Click 'Next' after you've entered all the information you can. 

2. Property Details

Listing Types

Manually added listings can only be one of the following types:

  • Coming Soon
  • Exclusive
  • Sold

These types are selectable on your kvCORE website when browsing for any manual listings. Other listing types such as 'Active' or 'Pending' are not available because those types are only for MLS listings.

Please Note: Depending on your kvCORE account, you may need to add all manual listings as 'exclusive' in order for the pitch sheet option to work properly.

Property Type
Property types typically are also determined by the MLS. If you are expecting a live MLS listing to follow, it would be best to select the property type you intend to use in your MLS.

The rest of the field from 'Style' to 'Square Footage' are open fields that are optional.

Click 'Next' to continue to photos.

3. Photos

Simply click into the grey box to browse your computer for listing pictures to add.

Photo Size

Currently, the maximum image size is 5MB.

After you've uploaded your photos, click 'Next' at the bottom.

4. Listing Info

Here you can specify a few key details that control the connectivity or visibility of your manual listing.

  • Price - The price will be used to match your manual listing with contacts in your kvCORE database for some features.
  • Listing Date - This is the date that will show as when the listing was posted.
  • Listing Expiration - Come the expiration date, a listing’s status will shift from active to inactive, and the front end site will display a "gone off market" experience. If all manual listings are inactive, then the front end site will not show manual listing links at all.
  • Link to MLS Listing - This causes the manual listing link to auto-forward to the MLS Listing page. Once the MLS listing goes off-market, the manual listing is automatically marked as "Sold" and turned to inactive. This is so any old links to your manual listing continue to take visitors to the correct listing page.When both a manual listing and MLS listing are both active, the MLS listing displays.When a manual listing is active and an MLS listing is inactive, the “gone off market” experience appears.When a manual listing is inactive and an MLS listing is inactive, the “gone off market” experience appears.When a manual listing is inactive and an MLS listing is active, the MLS listing displays.
  • Listing Status - Manually toggle OFF to set the listing as inactive. Toggle ON to set it as active.

Where are my Manual Listings?

You manually added listings show on your kvCORE website in their own section under the Agents/My Agent navigation option:

If your Agent MLS ID is entered into your profile, then the menu item within the 'Agents' dropdown will read 'My Listings.' If you have no Agent MLS ID entered, it will read 'Our Listings' such as in the example below. On office or team websites, the menu item will always read 'Our Listings.'

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