Note: If you send a mass email, the email address '' will be shown. This is completely normal. If anyone asks, it's part of your email platform that you use to communicate with.

Note: Text Message Limits

After the first day a new contact/lead is created, they may only receive one text per day. If you mass text your contacts and they have already been texted that day, they will not get spammed with more messages. There are so many possible ways that texting can be automated, that it's critical the system is looking out for you!

How To Send A Mass Email/Text


To begin, start by opening your 'Smart CRM.'

Once you are viewing your contacts, you can filter out  group of them to select if you want, or simply select all by checking the box at the top of the list.

Once you have made a selection of one or more contacts, click on either the mass email or mass text button to send a message to them.


Click here to learn about scheduling a mass email to be sent later!

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