Automating your seller reports is a key communication tool that kvCORE offers listing agents that not only effortlessly keep you in touch with your Seller Clients, but also consistently highlight all the efforts you are making on behalf of the Client and their property.

kvCORE's seller report emails include the number of property views that particular listing has received on your kvCORE website, accumulating as time goes on, as well as the number of views the listing has received on Zillow/Trulia.

Please Note: In order to include listing views from Zillow/Trulia your broker must purchase the data from them. Once this has been done they can contact kvCORE Support in order to connect that data with their kvCORE account.

The emails are sent weekly (on Mondays) and can include more than one property should the Seller have multiple listings on the market.

If you want to enhance these seller reports with your own comments, you are able to do so via the listing's timeline notes. To learn more about listing timelines, click here.

Setting Up Seller Reports

In order to enable these automated emails, you must first add the Active MLS ID(s) to the Client's contact record in kvCORE.

1. Log into your kvCORE account.

2. Navigate to the Smart CRM tab on the left.

3. Search for the contact and click on their name.

4. Click '+Add' on the 'Seller Reports' section on the right side of contact's profile.

5. Type the MLS ID into the box.

6. Click the green 'Add' button.

In order to add a second MLS ID simply follow the above steps again and add the new MLS ID. A note in the contact's Timeline will automatically be added with the MLS ID(s) you added.

Quick tip: Be aware that you do not have to wait every 30 days to keep your seller in the loop with the amount of views that their listing has received. You can view this on the site for the listings information, see example -

If you have any questions or need further assistance when setting up seller reports, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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