The challenges with videos

You have only three viable options for sending videos in emails, anywhere.

Some email providers have special tools for embedding videos with HTML5, which is pretty complicated to do manually for your every day computer user. If you really want to go that route, you can figure it out if you're technically inclined with a quick google search .

The other way, though less fancy, tends to work for everything. You begin by embedding a picture into your email and then linking that picture to a video. Works pretty much everywhere and is less of a spam risk. This is what we will show you in this article as it's what most of you are looking for.

A third, "express" option is also available. If the video is on YouTube, simply drop the youtube link into your email. Most email providers will auto-embed your video! Especially on mobile devices. This is the least risky and also the fastest option.

If you attempt to use the "embed code" from YouTube, you will find that your video never shows up in a lot of inboxes. This is not really an option.

Video & Image Embeds

Taking the above note regarding html5 into consideration, kvCORE still allows you to achieve the same functionality in a much easier way. This is the same method that is used by BombBomb and other providers, allowing you to use kvCORE exclusively to create email video/image content.

All that is needed is to use the Advanced Email Editor to embed your content!

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