One of the features of your kvCORE smart number is its ability to handle texting. It is also setup to automatically reply to some very common/basic messages from people that are asked very frequently.

Once they send something more complex to you, it's forwarded as normal. This cuts down on a huge amount of texts that you would always send the same replies to. It gets old fast! And, with kvCORE we're very focused on having the system do as much work for us as possible.

Automatic Unsubscribes

In some cases people send nasty replies or commonly used words to indicate that you should stop texting them. kvCORE watches for these and handles them for you. First, the system will look up the number, then unsubscribe them, and you will also see an event in the contact's timeline indicating they were unsubscribed.

Messages we look for:

  • “stop”
  • “off”
  • “wrong number”
  • “unsubscribe”
  • “stop texting” or “sending”

Or if the message contains:

  • “to stop forever”
  • “f--- you”
  • “f--- off”
  • “gof---”
  • “go f---”
  • “stop texting me”

Automatic Replies

An automatic text message reply will go out to very common responses to text messages that usually are the result of the contact getting a text for the first time from the Smart Number.

The Message Says:

“{name}, {account name*}”
*The account name is the name of your brokerage/company.

After this message is sent, we add an item in the timeline for this contact and to recent activity.

Messages we look for:

  • “who are you?”
  • “who are you”
  • “who’s this”
  • “who’s this?”

Or if the message contains: 

  • “who is this”
  • “do I know you”
  • "who are you"

MLS Number Inquiries

As a feature of custom text codes, you can use an MLS Number as a message that we would look for. When we receive the MLS Number, the system replies automatically (If the listing is found) with:

     beds  bathsIf the number that texted in is not already a lead, the system will create a new text/phone lead, with that property saved to the new lead, and events on the lead's timeline that reflect the communications that occurred. 

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