• You must have your account synced to Google in order to use 'files.'
  • Files are uploaded with a naming convention that makes them easy to find in Google Drive.

If your Google Sync is setup, you can open any contact in kvCORE by clicking on their name and access the 'Files' tab.

On this tab, simply click on the grey area to begin a file upload, or click & drag a file from your computer into the grey area.

The interface shows you when the file is uploaded. Whenever a file is added, it's given a name prefix. Each file name uploaded will begin with:

"Kunversion-[lead name]"

When you are viewing the files tab, you'll see the blue button 'View All Files.'

Click this to open Google Drive to see the files filtered with the prefix kvCORE added.

So, in the future whenever you need to access your files, you could open the Google Drive app on your phone, tablet, computer, etc. and you'll be able to find all your lead's/contact's files by searching for their name. 

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