When emails are sent or received via kvCORE, they are automatically added to your lead's timeline. Additionally, if you have your Microsoft or Google account synced to kvCORE, this happens automatically as well. However, if you are emailing a lead directly from an un-synced account, and outside of kvCORE (like from an email app or program) then you can BCC your notes email address to copy that message into your lead's timeline.

Generally speaking, you probably have your email account synced to kvCORE. However, if you do not, and you are emailing someone from outside of kvCORE (for example, if you compose a message from your email instead of from inside kvCORE) then there is a special email address that you can BCC when sending that email to your lead/contact.

To learn more about syncing your Gmail account click here.

To learn more about syncing your Outlook account click here.

How to Find your BCC Email Address

First, navigate to the Lead Engine tab in kvCORE. Then select 'Lead Dropbox' from the menu on the right.

Within the Lead Dropbox, you'll see your 'Notes' email address.

Click the 'Copy' button, and then save it into the address book of your email so that you can easily BCC it on emails you send in the future. kvCORE will look at which email you are sending it to, and put a copy of that email message in the corresponding contact's timeline. 

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