Sharing a contact with a lender gives them access to the details of that contact in their own kvCORE dashboard, making it quick and easy for the lender you work with you.

There are four ways new leads or contacts get shared to a lender that you're working with in kvCORE.

  • If you connect a preferred lender to your agent profile settings. Click here or more information.
  • If a lender is specified in lead routing rules. Click here or more information.
  • If you manually assign a lender from within the contact's profile.
  • You can assign a lender from within the contacts crm in the kvCORE mobile app.

In order for any lender sharing to be possible, an office admin must first add the lender to kvCORE.


To Share Manually

First, open the contact in kvCORE. Then, look down the left hand information panel for the 'More Information' section, immediately left of the contact timeline.

Scroll down the more details section, to 'Options.' When you mouse over the 'Add Lender' link, click it to edit.

If a lender is already assigned, their name will display there instead of 'Add Lender.'

Begin typing the name of the lender and choose them from the menu. Then click save.

Click on the 'Remove' button to remove the lender from this contact. It may take a moment for the change to load when clicking remove.

Sharing in the kvCORE Mobile App

Open the contacts tab in your mobile app, and then find and open the contact you want to share.

When the contact is opened, tap on the profile tab, and then tap on edit for the assigned lender row to search for and assign an available lender.

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