In kvCORE, when new contacts or leads are added, you can request data validation on the info that is created or entered into the system. This will check things such as name, email, etc and seek to cross reference it with thousands of online sources of data that contain that information. 

What is Validation?

In many cases when you shop online, create social media accounts, or sign up for various online services, there is usually a terms page or agreement that you have to accept before using that service. These agreements are typically very long and nobody ever reads them. As such, there are many public sources of information out there that contains all this info! We tap into a third party database of this information that actually cross references what's out there, and can confirm that an email or phone number is real, and even who might be the actual owner of that contact information. The data validation will also automatically correct small errors in emails and other things. For example, if someone ends their email in yahoo.cim instead of, validation will auto-correct the typo.


Where is the validated information?

When opening a contact, you'll notice a few icons a spaces where the system is reporting to you on the validated information.

See the numbers? Their definitions are below.

  1. The shield icon indicates if validation was run and to what extent.Grey - Validation Not Run.Yellow - Validation Run, but not all data could be validated.Green - Contact info validated. 
  2. The icon to the left of the phone number indicates the result of the validation.Red 'No' Circle - Validation not run.Yellow Triangle - Could not be validated.Green shield - Validated. 
  3. The icon to the left of the email indicates the result of the validation.Red 'No' Circle - Validation not run.Yellow Triangle - Could not be validated.Green shield - Validated. 
  4. This note is the validation summary. It includes additional information that was found while cross referencing the contact information provided. It will display things such as social media profiles, gender, age, etc. Anything the validator could find.


Validate When Adding a Contact

When adding a new contact to kvCORE manually, the system will automatically try to validate the information.

Why was the Lead Validation not run properly?

If a contact's information is not able to be validated manually or has yet to be validated automatically then their profile may not have enough information. The Lead Validation tool can only be successful if the system has information to go on. The GREY validation shield means that the validation is not possible until more information is added to the profile/there is currently not enough information within the contact's profile.

Manually Validate

If you modify the contact information on a profile in any way, and would like to re-validate it, click on the large shield icon at the upper left of the contact's profile.


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